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QlikView with SAP Hana

Do we need to purchase separate license or connector license in order to connect and extract data from SAP HANA database?

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Re: QlikView with SAP Hana

Hello Zubair,

Currently the SAP Hana ODBC 32 and 64-bit drivers are available in preview mode.  A license purchase  is not required at this time.  Once it is out of preview status, you will have to purchase a license for a production release.  A production release for the SAP Hana driver is targeted for the first quarter of 2016.

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Re: QlikView with SAP Hana

Dear Darryl,

If the company has SAP HANA SP11 (latest hana version)

is this support also by the " production release for the SAP Hana driver"

and if yes, can you estimate more accurately when is it available for existing customers for purchase ?

and does this also then supports qliksense also ?

with this connection can we use real time data, or is something has to be stored/cached to the front end Qlik dashboards ?

thanks your for your answer.

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Re: QlikView with SAP Hana

Hello Iiro,

The SAP HANA SP11 should be supported in the production release of the DataDirect SAP HANA ODBC/JDBC driver, roughly targeted for release June  2016 given priorities do not change.  The information I have is that SAP HANA SP11 was released November 2015. 

Does the DataDirect HANA Driver support Qliksense?

QlikSense provides an ODBC interface.  So this should not be a problem.

With this connection, can we use realtime data , or does something have to be stored/cached to the front end of Qlik dashboard?

The preview driver readme file does not mention any definitive support or limitations regarding realtime data or otherwise.  Typically if the functionality is supported in the data source API, we will support it as part of the ODBC specification.  If it is not supported, we will sometimes extend the driver to provide the requested functionality.

I hope this helps.