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Qlikview Accesspoint - Cannot display page


Our Qlikview server been running smooth for a few months now and just a couple of days ago user's reported that when they open the QVW file from the Accesspoint cite (via IE plugin) they would receive an error message "Cannot Display Page", "No Documents", "No Server".

As i investigate the root cause i found out that one of the services on the Qlikview Enterprise Management Console turned RED, but the qlikview services from the OS Server werein the Qlikview Server is installed is running..

Currently we have 2 RDP sessions usually running simutaneously one is for the Administrator (thats me who mounts the qvw file via Qlikview Server) the other session is for Report Analysts (whom logs into to the Server to do a manual Reload of the QVW file via Qlivkiew Desktop).

Usually when monitoring the servers performance i can detect a HIGH Memory usage, if both user's are logged in (performing their tasks).. could this be one reason for the Qlikview Server services to stop/malfunction? Or could their be another reason for the error messages..

My Solution when encountering those errors is to reboot the Server ..

hope you could provide any professional advice on my concern so i can further stabilize the availability of the file.


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Qlikview Accesspoint - Cannot display page

If the CPU or memory gets pegged, it can be a possible cause of "No Server".

What do you see in the server logs files?

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Qlikview Accesspoint - Cannot display page

I have found that having a user RDP into a server and manually have the application open and working can cause huge memory issues and crash services.  Why are you having someone manually refresh the QVW, it should be set to do so through QVS.  It is then less of a burden on resources. 

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