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Qlikview License Management Help

I am having a problem with a couple users, and I think I have found the root cause, but not sure how to fix it on the server end.

We use a combination of Server CALs and Individual licenses so that end users can access all the qlikview resources stored on the server.  Everything works, until we want to give one of the individual licenses to a different user, and then it throws the error "Access is denied: There is no USER CAL associated with this account."

Everyone accesses everything the exact same way with no issues.  The issue only occurs when I want to give one of the individual licenses to another user.

I am not sure how to proceed or what I need to do on the server side to recognize the new user of the individual license. I cannot find any place where this information is stored.  Please help.

Enterprise Edition Version 9

Client Side Mixture of Version 9 and Version 11

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Re: Qlikview License Management Help

Time to upgrade. V9 is more than 22 Releases old and support has ended a long time ago.

BTW what is an individual license? Older versions had Analyzer, Developer, Professional licenses, but I don't remember anything about Individual licenses... Do you mean Local licenses?

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Re: Qlikview License Management Help

Haha. Yes. If that were my call, I would upgrade in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, it's not, so I have to work with what I am given.

Perhaps it is a local license.  With the server license, I assign a user a cal via the management console, and as long as that user logs into a computer with his domain credentials, he can access the qlikview resources.

With the individual, or local, licenses, we input the license key and the control number manually into the qlikview client installed locally on the user's computer.  We do this while the user is logged into the computer, and then that user can access the exact same resources as a user that was assigned a server cal.

Unfortunately, I am running into an issue where I want to give the local license to a different user, but it's getting an error that there is no CAL assigned to this User.

I have checked the Management Console of the server, and I cannot find any place where the local licenses are managed; only the server cals.

Re: Qlikview License Management Help

Ok, I understand the situation you're in.

Those are local licenses. Local licenses aren't managed by anything except the local Dekstop installation. True, the license is assigned to the PC and User account that is entering the serial and control code. Though the following text is lifted from a document belonging to a very recent release, I don't think the rules were any different in v9 days. This is what Qlik says about QlikView Local Clients:

QlikView Local Client is a client with functionality used to develop QlikView documents. The user may store or install one (1) backup copy for archival and disaster recovery purposes. The Local Client may not be shared for use on different computers or servers. If a serial number, password, license key or other security device is provided to the user for use with the Local Client, the user may not share or transfer such security device with or to any other user of the Software or any other third party.

To be sure, I would advise you to contact your or the customer's Qlik partner and discuss the issues surrounding a Qlik local license transfer. I'm not sure how they will handle v9 licenses.

IIRC A Desktop with a local license cannot open AccessPoint documents. Simply because the server has no idea what a local license is. And the name says it all: local license.

Second question you can ask your Qlik partner: how to convert a local license into a Named CAL. Since a long time now, Qlik has a policy that local licenses can be converted to Named CALs at no extra cost. The local licenses will be invalidated, and the Named CALs can be managed just like all other server-bound CALs. Plus, your desktop users gain access to AccessPoint documents.

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Re: Qlikview License Management Help

Sure. I understand that the local licenses are not managed by the server.  But why is it that they could access the server documents just fine previously, but now, when I give the license to a different user, they cannot access those same documents?

There has to be a reason for this and a way to do it so these users can continue to utilize the documents.

Converting the local licenses are a good idea, but I am being told from my guys was the reason that used local licenses after a certain point was due to limitations in version 9.  This may not be possible until we do our upgrade, which will not be for a while.

So my question still is, how can I get these licenses to work so that end users can access documents that people with these same licenses were able to access before?

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