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Qlikview Log Files


I have qlikview server installed in 2 servers,

Qlikview server, Webserver, directory service connector in server1.

Management service and Distribution service in server2.

I am trying to run an application which will give me number of users logged in.

As the Management console is installed in server2, I have scheduled in server2.

But I see that the logs files are created in server1, Is there a way to move it to server2.


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Re: Qlikview Log Files


You can go to QEMC and go to System Tab -> Setup Tab - > Click on QlikView Server -> Press + -> Go to Logging Tab-> Define the path on which you want logs to be stored.


Kaushik Solanki

Re: Qlikview Log Files

On a side note: getting an overview of logged in users based on the QlikView log files is not so easy as the whole logging in-thing happens outside of QlikView.

OTOH you can easily get information about users having documents open (the famous sessions), or users having a CAL in use.



Re: Qlikview Log Files

Please change the log file from the QEMC

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