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Qlikview Server & Publisher installation

Hi All,

I had been asked to do the Qlikview server and Publisher Installation and we are doing the Cluster Installation

Please let me know the steps to for the installation it would be great if any one can let me know in detail.

1) Qlikview server  installation on Physical server

2) Publisher on Virtual Machine



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Re: Qlikview Server & Publisher installation

Hello Jahnavi,

Physical and VM installation of QlikView server follow the same basic steps, but with a VM there are some additional VM specific settings to consider for performance.

A Qlik partner could guide/perform this for/with you and I can recommend one if needed.

Otherwise there are guides available which will help you:

Qlikview server reference manual – with help in general and also shows the installation steps

QlikView_and_Server_Virtualization_White_Paper – will detail some settings for VM installations, the main one being to give the QlikView server dedicated resources (CPU and RAM), disable memory ballooning & disable NUMA in the bios.

These and other documents can be found in the resource library on the community.

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Re: Qlikview Server & Publisher installation

go with attached doc,this is very detailed.