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Qlikview Server/Publisher on Vista

Greetings, I have installed QVS and Publ on a stand alone vista machine and have had a few issues.

I have do not see ful functionaltiy when opening QV Managament Console and I noticed in the Status portion

DSC and QDS are not connecting ("failed to contact service")

I have attempted to restart the services along with the server and publisher and this caused even more difficulties via My Computer>Manage>Service.

Anyone have any suggestions.

What functionality i am missing is I cannot see any options to ie REload a few of the qvw's/etc

Thank you

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Qlikview Server/Publisher on Vista

Try disabling User Account Control. If that doesn't work, try disabling the Windows Firewall if it's enabled. Just trying to eliminate the most obvious potential problems first...

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Qlikview Server/Publisher on Vista

If not already done, restart your computer and register a valid QVS and Publisher license.
After check if DSC and QDS are using "localhost" or your computername, if they're using computername, change configuration to "localhost".

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