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New Contributor

Qlikview Upgrade to 12

I tried to upgrade on existing server but it rolls back as gets an error at the end.


I installed on a new Server with no error but cannot get it to run as services stop instantly.

An ideas what issue with services might be?



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Honored Contributor

Re: Qlikview Upgrade to 12

Follow this process:

Upgrading from QlikView 11 to QlikView 12

Considerations for upgrading from any version of QlikView 11 to QlikView 12:

    The installation of QlikView Server requires a reboot of the machine for proper operation.

    See the release notes for more information on upgrading to QlikView 12.


Upgrade and Migration

For a successful upgrade of QlikView Server, take the following basic practices into account:

    Back up the current QlikView data directory, which includes most of the log and some of the configuration files as well as the document folders. The files are typically located in %ProgramData%\QlikTech.

    Perform the upgrade during a scheduled downtime – QlikView Server must be stopped for the upgrade to be successful.

    Licensing information and settings are saved by default when QlikView Server is removed. They are applied to any subsequent installation of QlikView Server on the system.

    If Digital Certificate Authentication is used for QlikView Service communication, the new certificates that are created during the upgrade must be installed. See Update certificates.

The installation does not support upgrade from beta or release candidate versions of QlikView Server.

To install QlikView Server, proceed as follows:

    Verify that backup media exists for the current release of QlikView Server and back up all current files associated with QlikView Server (HTML pages, QlikView documents, licensing file, QlikView Server .shared files, and so on).

    Install QlikView Server.

Multi-machine Preparation

When upgrading an installation that is spread over multiple machines, extra planning is required, since versions cannot be mixed arbitrarily.

Simple Upgrade

This procedure requires no special planning and involves the smallest risk, but causes the system to be down for some time.

Proceed as follows to perform a straight-forward upgrade:

    Perform a backup.

    See: Upgrade and Migration

    Stop all services running on all machines.

    Upgrade the services on each machine (in any order).

    Start all services on all machines.

Update certificates

The new certificates that are created during an upgrade must be installed on machines running QlikView services. Certificates do not need to be installed on the machine running the QlikView Management Service.

Proceed as follows:

    Open the QMC.

    Click the Status tab, and then click Services.

    Note any services that are disconnected.

    Click the System tab, and then click Setup.

    Select a service, and then click the General tab for the service.

    Click the Apply button in the bottom right of the window, and then follow the instructions to install the certificate.

    When you are done, navigate back to Services on the Status tab to verify that the service is now running.

Maximize Uptime

This procedure requires more planning, but the system uptime (from an end user point of view) is maximized.

Proceed as follows to perform the upgrade:

    Perform a backup.

    See: Upgrade and Migration

    Stop QMS (which means QMC becomes unavailable).

    Upgrade in the following order (let the installer restart the services):

        Web servers

        Directory Service Connector (DSC)

        QlikView Server (QVS)

        QlikView Distribution Service (QDS)


    Start QMS (which means QMC becomes available again).

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