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Qlikview and a virtual folder in IIS



I've made some changes in  the default configuration of Qlikview server. In the first place I've added a virtual folder in IIS named 'bi' and I've deployed four virtual applications in it.

In the QMC I've changed the default configuration of the Qlikview IIS webserver to use the 'bi' virtual folder.

Tab: Accespoint


Tab Ajax:


The virtual application in the root of IIS are deleted.

  1. I'm able to login (http://localhost/bi/qlikview/FormLogin.htm)
  2. But then there's a error 'Source cannot be found' (http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx?back=%2Fbi%2Fqlikview%2FFormLogin.htm)

After logging in the virtual folder 'bi' is gone. Check the URL at bullet two.

Is this the right way to realize this? What's wrong?






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Re: Qlikview and a virtual folder in IIS

I've edited FormLogin.htm.


<form action="/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx?back=/qlikview/FormLogin.htm" method="post">


<form action="/bi/QvAJAXZfc/Authenticate.aspx?back=/bi/qlikview/FormLogin.htm" method="post">

The error is gone, but now I'm stuck at the following URL (page not found):




Re: Qlikview and a virtual folder in IIS

What use case are you trying to solve here, that is what would be most helpful in getting you further help?

One key point, doing the modifications you are doing is going to negate your support, just FYI, any modifications would need to be excluded and things tested with our default setup to see if you can still replicate the issue with the default setup before submitting any future issues to us for investigation.  It is best to not modify things if you can avoid it, which is why I am asking about the underlying use case and the reason for the mods in the first place...

Lastly, not all of the settings in the QVWS resource are used when using IIS as well, many of those are just for our QV Web Server, so keep this in mind as well, you may need to be making additional mods in the IIS side of things in this case.  

That being said, I think I know where things may be going wrong here and that is where the parent page is in relation to your customized pages....  The paths are relative, so things may not be resolving for that reason I think, but I am not certain.  Sorry I do not have something better here.


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