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Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari


I have a problem when connecting to Qlikview accesspoint via Safari from the IPAD.

- On our computers, we don't have to authenticate, we use a smartcard to connect to the system and the user/password is "automatically" sent to all applications.

- On the Ipad, we connect to the internal network via Wi-Fi and a personal certificate is installed on it that specifies the profile.
Connection to applications as SAP is working fine and gets this user/password automatically.

-  However, for Qlikview, when I connect to the access point, I get a popup that ask me to authenticate (user/password). As we do not know our password, it is therefore not possible for our users to connect.

- I tried with a user/password Admin just to be sure and then it's working.

Is there a way to ask to Qlikview NOT to request this authentication but to get it automatically from the certificate ?

Thanks a lot.


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Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

IIRC this kind of authentication based on certificates is possible if yoiu use IIS as a web server. Actually, this is a Windows thing, not really a QlikView thing I think.

I'm not talking from prior experience, but am interested in an automatic solution like this too. I'll keep you posted if I find anything else.


Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

Got some useful stuff from the net (certificate authentication in IIS):

Configure Client Certificate Mapping Authentication (IIS 7)

How to configure IIS client certificate mapping authentication for IIS7 - AsiaTech: Microsoft APGC I...

Although this is for an older release of IIS (Win2K8), your system admin will know what to do to get this running on a Windows 2012 server for example.

Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

Apparently there is bad news...


Apple forces login authentication in iOS

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Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay, I was away from work.

Thanks for all your search.

We don't have IIS but Qlikview Server ... but it seems the problem is due to Ipad itself ...

What I don't understand is that connexion to SAP is working fine without the user/password. So I don't understand why connecting to intranet is an issue (it seems that sharepoint connection has the same issue).

That's what I feared indeed, I'll ask to my Qlik contact anyway and let you know if there are no workarounds ... but it seems not.

Thanks anyway :-)


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Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari


Did you have any luck with this issue, same thing here!!



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Re: Qlikview on Ipad/Iphone via Safari

Hi Brian,

Not yet solved unfortunately. but some possibilities.

However I investigated further and had contact with Qlik as well and with other companies.

This is the situation so far :

- it is NOT possible to connect via IOS application to Qlikview : username and password are always required. That means also that no OFFLINE connection will be possible as this application was a solution to this issue.

- It IS possible to connect with Safari to Qlikview server but :

     - Qlik has to implement a development on the access point in order to implement a certificate reading. I wonder why this is not standard and why every company will have to pay for these 5 days developments, but that is another question  ...

     - It seems that as we want to keep the windows authentification, it will not be possible to do this on one machine, so we will need a second machine for mobile authentification that will work with certificate reading and connect to the main machine

(unlesss you want to implement certificates on all your desktop machines, what I don't want to do).

If anyone has other informations, I'm still willing to know !   ;-)

Have a nice day.