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Qlikview scenario with user created objects

(1)    Dear Qlikview Experts,

Cacan you please help me with below scenario?

Scscenario :   (1) on Jan 1st a  developer created one report just with Country (Dimension ) and Sales (Metric).

                      (2) On Feb 1st  userA added one more metric from access point called staff. Now his report showing Country, Sale & Staff

                      (3) On March 1st Developer added third metric called profit as part enhancement for the same report. Now Original version has Country, Sales & Profit.


                           If UserA opens the report on march 5th from access point what will he see in the report ? How Qlikview handle these kind of scenarios?



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Re: Qlikview scenario with user created objects

User's Chart will remain unchanged. When UserA did the Feb1st change, he created a copy of the chart.


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