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Qlikview server 9 and VPN

Hi all

I'm stuck on a problem. We have a qlikview server (9) at a customer. The server is set on local ip-address Now I would like to connect to it using vpn. The ip-address I have to use for vpn is

I can access the qlikview server through I can see the qlikview applications. When I then want to open an application, I get the "connect to" screen. I then see
"qvp://", but I want to see
"qvp://". Of course must the application also work on the local IP-address.

So what I want is that the qlikview server listenes to 2 ip-addresses

Can someone tell me or help me how to configure the Qlikview server?

Thanks in advance


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Qlikview server 9 and VPN

Does the customer have an internal DNS server?
Perhaps they can setup qlik.company.com to go to the internal IP on internal DNS for employees in the company, and to the external IP on their public DNS server for outside people like you.

Everyone would then just go to http://qlik.company.com/qlikview

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Qlikview server 9 and VPN

Hoi Ivo,

Nice to meet you here..

I don't know if you managed to find the solution. In case not, you can try this:

Open QlikView Enterprise Management Console > System > Setup > QlikView Servers > QVS@172.x.x.x > General > External Linking, fill in the 10.x.x.x ip address. Click "Apply".

Hope it works!