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Qlikview server installation


Is it possible to Install the server and publisher in two different machines.

I am looking at Qlikview 10.

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Qlikview server installation

Yes, absolutely. It is a preferred configuration in many larger environments with high load on reloads.

When installing, for example, you can go at it in a number of different ways. The preferred way is probably to install only the services you need on each machine. One example is to install everything except distribution service on server1 and only distribution service on server2. Then you can instruct QEMC on server1 to configure the distribution service on server2 from server1. You can then have data reload on server2 and get them published to the QVS service on server1.

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Qlikview server installation

Stefan, can you do that without a publisher license? Because there wouldn't be a distribution service to configure at the QEMC.

Would you still be able to configure a distributed environment though changing config files?


Qlikview server installation

No. To use distribution service with that kind of functionality you need to have a Publisher license active.

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Qlikview server installation


While using publisher license is the optimal solution, you could achieve the same results by having a single directory for both source and user documents, that was centrally located.  This would allow you to serve documents from one server, while the other performs reloads and serves documents in a load balance /DR/QA role.  This option would require 2 server licenses, so I'm not sure if you would save on licensing costs.



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