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Qlikview server license issue

Hi All,

I am facing license issue..

I have a license for qlikview server version 8.I tried to upgrade it to ver10..

But showing error like "

Server failed to set license : QVS@tncqv: The license key not applicable for this product.

I checked with the qlikview team and the license is valid for upgradation.I have followed the entire steps as in documentation.

Please help..

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Qlikview server license issue

Please contact QlikView support regarding this and they should be able to help you out

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Qlikview server license issue

Hi, Im facing the same issue while upgrading from QVS 10 SR1 to QVS 11 IR.


Qlikview server license issue

Check the following row in your LEF file:


If YYYY-MM-DD is before the release of v11 then you need to update the LEF as the license isn't valid for this major version.If you don't have internet access on the QVS you can generate a new LEF from any computer with QlikView Desktop with internet access:

1. Open QlikView Desktop and go to Help -> License Update

2. Press CTRL+SHIFT and left click just above Cancel in the LEF Editor

3. Enter the license number and a new LEF will be generated

4. Copy this into the QVS LEF editor

If the above date isn't updating when requesting a new LEF, please contact QlikView support and they will sort it out for you

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Qlikview server license issue

Hi Bjorn, I made contact with support and the YYYY-MM-DD was updated. After that the issue was solved and the license applied correctly.