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Qlikview server without ISS


I have made an installation of the Qlikview server SR2. ISS is installed on the server but i have unchecked the ISS integration during the server installation so that i can use the webserver of Qlikview.

After the installation, i check this http://localhost/qlikview but notting happens. I don't see the test applications of Qlikview...

Can somebody help me please



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Qlikview server without ISS

First, make sure the service is started (QlikView Webserver). Check under Server Settings --> Folders and make sure that the default directory is the one that contains the example files. If that does not resolve the issue, please post screenshots of the tabs in QlikView Webserver settings in QEMC. This could be a variety of problems and it will make it a lot easier to diagnose that way. Also please post a screenshot of the AccessPoint.


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Qlikview server without ISS

Check if ".NET Tcp port sharing" service is enabled and running on your machine, regards

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