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Question re Tabs Wrapping on Ajax

In the latest release it looks like the tab structure has changed in the Access Point versions. Some of our applications use Ajax and some use the Internet Explorer PlugIn. When an application has a lot of tabs or sheets, it appears these two views handle the wrapping of tabs/sheets differently. The IE plugin wraps the tabs/sheets onto multiple lines, and you can see all the possible tabs on the screen. The Ajax version does not wrap onto multiple lines. You have use the scrolling buttons to move to the right to see all the possible tabs. I have been told this is a change in the latest version. The Ajax view used to wrap the tabs, but now it doesn’t. Is there a setting or property we can specify to wrap the tabs or not?

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Re: Question re Tabs Wrapping on Ajax

Hi Debbie,

This is how the Ajax client solves now when multiple tab rows used in a browser didn't allow to show the contents, in order to make a cleaner interface for both browsers in desktop/laptops and mobile. You can hide all tabs with this extension: http://community.qlik.com/docs/DOC-4236, but apart from that you cannot choose to show several rows or only one.

Note that the IE Plugin behaves different because it is basically the thick client (QlikView Desktop). So expect to see in Plugin exactly the same to what you see in Desktop.

Hope that makes sense.