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Real-time updates: Frequent dynamic updates and ajax client problem


I am prototyping with the dynamic update feature, my goal being to have a qlikview application updated in "real-time". I am inserting data rows every couple of seconds using the automation API's dynamic update method (through vbscript).

The desktop client seems to be working fine under such frequent updates, with the numbers smoothly increasing with each new insert. The ajax client behavior though is terrible: this is what the user experience looks like:


This is the screen that constantly pops up every time the user attempts to do anything in the qlikview app (viewed through the web server). My settings are: Qlikview server has "Allow dynamic data update" on, the qlikview app has "Enable push from server", "Enable dynamic data update", and "Server performs refresh automatically without client action." I could not find any relevant setting that regards the qlikview web server.

The user experience I expected is that numbers in the web report also smoothly change (which could be easily implemented via websockets or some equivalent push technology).

Is there any way to make frequent updates work through the ajax client or is real-time data updates an unsupported use-case?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Real-time updates: Frequent dynamic updates and ajax client problem


In the document change this setting.

This should do the trick.