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Recommended deployment at client side

Hi, Can anybody explain the recommended way of distributing a qlikview application at client side. Also, a rough estimate on the cost, will be helpful.
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Recommended deployment at client side

Hi All,

I recommend you to go with OCX for deployment. But not sure sure about the license.

Look into the below post on how to d it and issues that I have faced. Try and let me know the outcome.









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Recommended deployment at client side

There is a choice to be made when allowing your clients to view your application;

1- Enable them to access the application on the server, using a viewer, and/or 2- Enable them to download the application

The most standard way is to host the application on a server (serverside is QlikView Server product) and allow access to the application. the client can use any of the following: QlikView application installed locally, an Internet Explorer plugin, just a web browser (that supports AJAX) or Java (to be discontinued, so don't choose this!).

You may not need QlikView Server- there is nothing to stop you having 1 developer license that can create and save the report somewhere on your network, and the clients open this file using QlikView Analyzer. You will most liekly outgrow this solution very quickly. This method limits your to having the Qlikview software installed at the client. To leverage the other methods you will need QlikView server.

It is also possible to distribute the report in a static file such as PDF, where the client does not need any sort of license, but naturally will be limited to a simple static report.

The recommended way is to simply meet your requirements. The pricing differs based upon users, documents and number of servers. To choose a suitable client it is simply a matter of analysing your requirements - how many users, how often would you like to refresh your data, are the users global, or in 1 office? All of these types of questions can be handled by a reptuable QlikView reseller.

For a price you have to contact QlikTech or a recognised Partner.- use the "Global" menu link above (to the left of the Seatch box). If you are in the UK please PM me and I can hook you up 😃


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Recommended deployment at client side

Hi QB,

Thanks for your reply. The thing is that I cannot go for Server,Publisher or IE plugin. As it has to be deployed at the end user machine where there is no internet connection. For that reason I have decided to go with QlikViewOCX and facing problem that has been detailed in above said link.