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Reconfigure Qlik Server's installation

Hello Currently we have a server machine BI with Publisher enabled and with a cluster of 2 nodes;

Load balance is carried by BI and BI_2 (another server machine)

Now we purchased a third server machine BI_3

What we want to accomplish now is having the following configuration:

BI machine is set to be the publisher machine (i.e. we want in this machine to connect to data sources, create QVDs and finally create QVW and distribute them to a shared folder

End users will go to either BI_2 or BI_3 depending on which one has free CPU and RAM resources

Can some one tell me what are the steps to be followed to accomplish the above configuration with minimal modifications (i.e. keeping tasks running especially that there are a lot of source documents with so many tasks defined)

Please advise

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Re: Reconfigure Qlik Server's installation

Rather than move the tasks, I would try to keep BI as the Publisher machine.

1. Install QVS on the new BI_3.

2. Disable the QVS service on BI.

3. Add BI_3 QVS to the cluster.

You didn't mention where the web server is currently, but I'm guessing it's on BI and you may want to move to BI_2. If not already doing so, migrate users to using a DNS alias like "qlikview" and then you can easily move it to the server of your choice.




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Re: Reconfigure Qlik Server's installation

is there a problem if BI is windows server 2008 while BI_2 and BI_3 are Windows server 2012?

knowing that we need for windows server 2012 another setup file for QlikView server

please advise

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