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Reconnection on a report


I have a few questions about a reconnection problem.

Since few days, when we navigate on our reports, the message below is displayed: 'Lost connecting server, reconnecting'.

Do you know with this message is displayed?

We have parametered the Timeout to 1800 secondes, and the problem appear before.

Thank you for your help.



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Re: Reconnection on a report

Hello Alex,

Lost Connection to Server. Reconnecting

Hope this could help you.

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Re: Reconnection on a report

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your response, I will try to update my seetings.

Re: Reconnection on a report

Note that this problem can also be caused by two clients sharing a single license. Unlike Named CALs that can be leased to a maximum of two platforms at the same time (effectively doubling your license), a QlikView license can only be used in a single AccessPoint session at a time.

Imagine that you log into two Windows machines using the same account, and both visit a document in the Access Point at the same time. Whenever one session makes a selection in this document, it will reconnect to the document and throw out the other session that is making use of the same license. The second session - upon accessing the document - will get a Connection Lost message and try to reconnect, thereby closing the first session.

This does not apply when opening two sessions in a single browser or on the same machine.

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