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Refresh QVW from Control-M


I am doing a poc to refresh qvw thru control-m.

We got control-m account setup to communicate with Qlikview server.

Qlikview server has qvs.exe (not qv.exe). When I try to run following code from control -M job finishes successfully but doesnt refresh the app.

"E:\Program Files\QlikView\qvs.exe" /r "\\qvtest\xx\yy\test.qvw"

Is it because qvs.exe cannot refresh qvw? If so what is work around? Installing client tool (qv.exe) would solve the issue?



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Refresh QVW from Control-M

Hi Boopathi,

Yes, using qv.exe instead is one option (and you're right, you can't run qvs.exe with the same parameters as qv.exe to reload documents.)

Another approach (if you have a Publisher license) is to use EDX and trigger of reload tasks from the Control-M software. Should be more info in the QVS reference manual under section 27.5

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Re: Refresh QVW from Control-M

Thanks for the response...

we could not succeed with EDX approach (we use QV10). Let me go thru QVS reference manual.

Do you mind sharing sample code to trigger EDX from control-m ?

thanks Again