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Regarding server objects

Hi folks,

I've few queries regarding creation of server objects in QlikView.

The UI is easy very attractive when the qvw is opened in Access point IE mode. But I'm unable to view the properties of any of the objects/sheets there.

Please can you let me know if there is any setting to do so.

Also our client wants to create new sheets & charts in Access Point. How should be the data model be so that he can easily create new charts/objects.

Please advise with a simple example.



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Re: Regarding server objects


Make sure that the document has the proper permissions so users can see what the developer has done, although they will never be able to modify the dimensions and expressions in the chart, but they will in a copy of the chart.

First, go to the Settings menu, Document Properties, Security tab. Set them up properly. Then go to the Settings menu, Sheet Properties, Security tab and do likewise.

When the user accesses via IE Plugin or Ajax, there is a [+] button at the top right so you can add new sheets that will be stored into a .Shared file, not in the original .QVW file. Once in the new sheet, you can use either the repository in the menu bar or just right click on any object, copy, then go paste it.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Regarding server objects

Hi Miguel,

Many thanks for your advise.

I've made the necessary settings in qlikview document properties. I can see the properties of any object in qvw when opened in Ajax mode, but it seems to be not possible in IE plugin.

Since the UI is quite good when accessed in IE mode, I'm inquiring the options for that.

Can you let me know if the sheets/objects added by the user will be avaialable in the Access Point next time the user logs in. In case if other user accesses the dashboard in Access point, will that new sheets/objects be avaialble for him also.

If I understand your answer, as long as .shared file exists, all the users who accesses the qvw through Access point will be able to see the new sheets/objects added.

Please correct me.



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