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Release Document CALs

With a Document CAL you can enable Dynamic Assignment of the CALs and manually release the CAL assignment after 24 hours. Does anyone know of a way to completely release (untether username) a CAL automatically? Can you delete the PGO files or Shared Files is this information stored in the document itself?

Basically I just don't want to have to go in every day and release names so more users can use the document.

Any ideas? 

Anyone else think this should be a standard function in QV? Kind of a pain to have to release names every 24 hours for a Doc CAL.

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Re: Release Document CALs

Hi you cat play around with the .pgo files but you can't just go deleteing them you need to replace them with copies that didn't have the cals assigned. this is a bit messy though, have you looked at the Power Tools, in their is a command line tool for releasing cals that you could set up as a scheduled task?




Re: Release Document CALs


I'd use the QlikView PowerTools (qv-user.manager) in a Windows batch file and using either the Windows Scheduler or the QMC external tasks to run it on a daily basis to delete the assignments with more than 24 hours without use. I don't have the exact code, though, and I'm not sure it's worth the time to develop using any external tool to check the results of the query, then run the PowerTool again to actually delete them.

Bear in mind that, in all cases, this is not officially supported by QlikView, and you might need to check the licensing plan you already have with your Partner or Sales Manager just in case there are more suitable configurations for you or your customer.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Release Document CALs

Hmm not that it is up to me but I think you should check your license agreement... Doc cals are still named licenses and it sounds like you are using more licenses than you have paid for. Pretty sure this is not ok with QlikTech.

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Re: Release Document CALs

Niromo70 you are correct. What patrickanderson need is to purchase session Cals.