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Reload Qvw using batch file

Hi everyone,

i stuck a issue when i making a batch file for reloading qvw.

i am using this Below command

"C:\Program Files\QlikView\qv.exe" /R "C:\QlikviewApplications\Raw_QVD_App.qvw"

But my qlikview Folder in C drive Location in C:\Program Files (x86)

When i am using this command then Not reloading application Like

"C:\Program Files (x86)\QlikView\qv.exe" /R "C:\QlikviewApplications\Raw_QVD_App.qvw"

How is it possible

Tell me How is it possible in qliksense



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Re: Reload Qvw using batch file

As far as I know it's not possible to reload a qlik sense app with a batch file. Well, not unless you program something that uses the QS API's first.

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Re: Reload Qvw using batch file

Dear Sir,

Leave Qliksense Application, Kindly tell me how is it possible in qlikview Application

Re: Reload Qvw using batch file

No idea. If qv.exe really exists in c:\program files (x86)\qlikview\ and you have rights to start that executable and the qvw file is really named Raw_QVD_App.qvw and exists in c:\qlikviewapplications\ then the command should work. Make sure you've enabled the Generate Logfile option in the document properties of the qvw file so you can see if a reload happened or not.

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Re: Reload Qvw using batch file

Hi, Gourav Sikka.

See if the video below helps.

Re: Reload Qvw using batch file

In Qliksense it is not possible it is based on the power full Qliksense admin from there you can write rules for the qliksense apps also manage the reloading of the qliksense app from this centralise qliksense (QMC) there you can found many options for the reloading.



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