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Reload document with ODBC fails

To a kind helping hand:

We need help to reload a document on a server - We´ve read the related posts on the forum and on "google" but are still lost (yes we're new at this).

We only have a server licence QV v9 (no publisher) and would like to reload the data in the document every hour. The documents reloads without problems using the QV Desktop (source data is oracle-odbc).

We copíed the document to QV Server and enabled automatic reload (hourly) but it fails.

We've checked the odbc connection in the server and it works correctly (user & password are coded in the document).

We also enabled logs on the document and server to identify the problem but no log is generated regarding this error (or we cannot find it).

On other links there was reference to the "publisher" product but we do not have the license..

We also saw an alternative to load using QV desktop in batch ( qv.exe /r mydoc.qvw)... but it would imply installing QV desktop on the server and replacing the document (perhaps a file copy?)... but how would the user know that the document was refreshed? is that the preffered method?

We sincerely apprecieate any guidance.

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Reload document with ODBC fails

What version are your windows server? (32 or 64 bit) and your client Data Base? (32 or 64)?

In your qlikview document, Settings, Documento Properties, General, check the option Generate Log File (will be create a file with the log);

Try reload your document on Server and verify this log file

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Reload document with ODBC fails


Thanks for the prompt reply. We had to reboot the server due to a location change and the scheduler started to work without problems.

The first time we tried to reload, we had forgotten the ODBC config, we configured it but it seems the server was not reading it - after reboot the application worked as expected.


Thanks for your help.

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