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Reload using Windows Scheduler

I'm trying to do a reload of a QVW using Windows Scheduler, because I have a macro that exports to a jpg on reload.

I've create a batch file with the following command:

CALL "C:\Program Files\QlikView\Qv.exe" /r "\\GBW03289\QLIKVIEW FILES\CROSS APPLICATION SUPPORT\User_Interfaces\FCRS Dashboard.qvw"

If I run that from DOS it works fine. If I put it in to Windows Scheduler I can run it if I use the "Run only when user is logged on" option, but when I select "Run whether user is logged on or not" the task goes in to a running state but does not actually reload the qvw.

Any ideas?

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Re: Reload using Windows Scheduler

Two actually:

  • What account are you using for the reload of the document? QV Desktop still needs a license to do anything at all, and running a task in the background as for instance Administrator may produce a dialog with the rdeaded "Recovery Attempt" question.
  • There are many, many discussions on the community from people experiencing problems with running Desktop in the background. See for example http://community.qlik.com/message/527419#527419. No final explanation or final solution yet.


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Re: Reload using Windows Scheduler

As a test I was running the scheduled task with my A/C, the same A/C that has a QV Licence and was able to run the both the qvw from Desktop and the bat file manually so that should not be an issue.