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Reloading QVW

Hi ,

When the user is accessing the QVW file when it is getting reloaded.

Consider i have published the QVW file with the schedule it should run every 5 hours. And user is accessing the QVW file exactly the same time the QVW file is getting refereshed. User will see the old data(Correct data) or random or getting hanged.

How Qlikview handles it..

Please suggest.

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Reloading QVW


     It will depend on the settings which u have in your qlikview application.


     You will find the settings in Settings-> Document Properties-> Server -> Refresh Mode when document is updated on server.

     Hope this will help you


Kaushik Solanki

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Reloading QVW


see posting on same subject


hope this helps

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Reloading QVW

During reload, user will get the old data.

When reload finishes, the user will experience set on the properties as Kaushik said.

Hope it helps,