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Removing the QMC software


I recently moved our QMC [QlikView Management Console] to a new server and on the old server have disabled its Windows Service.

The original Server still has other QlikView Services running on it. 

To tidy things up I would like to delete the QMC from the original server, but leave all the other QlikView Services as is.  Is anyone aware of any pitfalls one should avoid whilst doing this ?

Best Regards,     Bill

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Valued Contributor III

Re: Removing the QMC software

Hi Bill,

Running the setup will give you an option to un-install the component.

You would have to un-check the one you do not need.


Rajesh Vsawani

Re: Removing the QMC software

I'll suppose you are running 11.00 or 11.20, since you don't mention any version. If you have moved the QMS (QlikView Managment Service) to another server and has it running properly, you should be able to safely uninstalling the QMS (which contains the QMC) from the first server, using the QlikView Server installer package, like Rajesh mentioned above.

A configuration management tip; the QVPR (which is the QMS database that keeps Publisher tasks amongst other things) is per default resident on the same machine as the QMS is running on. Make sure to backup the content of the QVPR folder (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Management Service\QVPR) on a regular basis, for disaster recovery purposes.

Another tip is to make absolutely sure to never have two or more QMS services running at the same time, pointing to the same QDS or QDS Cluster, or sharing the same QVPR database path, since they will "fight" over the workorders.

Re: Removing the QMC software


Sorry - I should have mentioned that it is running 11.00, soon to be upgraded to 11.20.

Good point about not running more than one QMS Service.  The recent move of it was to a Virtual Server, such that we now have the inherent resilience of virtualisation on multiple physical hosts without running more that one QMS.  It could be argued that QMS is not critical to QlikView End Users, but we store Section Access data using the QMS in Users | Section Access Management | Section Access Tables, and without it any reloads using it would fail.

Another good point from you about backing up the content of the QVPR folder (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Management Service\QVPR).  The whole sever is regularly backed up & replicated, but a daily scheduled copy of this folder to a backup area on one of our physical QV servers would give us more belts & braces, and following your suggestion I intend to do that.

Best Regards,     Bill

Re: Removing the QMC software

Well, the QMS scenario in 10.00 is basically the same, so yeah. The only thing that might be an issue with Section Access Management, is when switching the QMS from one machine to another, the URL to the SA mgmt page will change, right? This means that you will have to change the URL in the scripts to point to the new and correct one.

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