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Reset Document Cals Assigned to

Hi,  I am planning on releasing a new version of QlikView document, the issue I have is that the New version will not be replace the existing Document that is currently on the server as we have setup a new folder structure so all my qvd's and Document are in a nother location.  The problem I have is that the old version has 205 Document Cals allocated to it and there are about 170 users that have opened the Document within the last 24 hours which means that I will not have have enough Documents Cals for the new version Document as they are Quaritined till 24 hours later.  Is there any way to reset this?  As I dopn't want to put the Document offline for more than a day?  Thanks

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Re: Reset Document Cals Assigned to


Re: Reset Document Cals Assigned to


     A simple solution is you keep the name of the new version application same as the old one.

     Then just copy the same file in the folder which you have mapped as root folder.

     Now when you paste the application, it will ask you to copy and replace or dont copy options, here choose copy and replace option.

     This will replace the application but because the name is same all your qlikview settings will remain same.

     The reason is all the information about the document CAL is stored in .Shared and .Meta file. and those files will have the same name.


Kaushik Solanki

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