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Safari not loading QV Access Point, using IIS

Hello again, im experiencing some problems opening the Access Point via Safari.

(I've done this before with a normal qlikview webserve installation and all worked fine, but then i needed to install IIS on the server, so i re-did the QV installation using the IIS mode)

The site is currently online and i can login correctly if i use Internet Explorer (only if i set the authentication mode on "Digest" on the IIS).

Instead when i open the website from safari (needed for iphone and ipad application) it is always shown as "loading" but the page never loads, is it an IIS problem or do i have to set something specific on QEMC?

i'm running QV Server 10 sr4.

Thanks a lot

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Re: Safari not loading QV Access Point, using IIS

Hello lucas4bi,

I made the same experience and I found out that it is related to the IIS properties concernig Authentication.

In the IIS there are several Virtual Directories and you are facing the curiosity, if you have inconsistent states of Anonymous Authentication.

Please control the authentication status of the virtual directories.