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Scrollable tabrow in Internet Explorer 8

Hi all

The release notes of QlikView 11.2, up to SR6 update 1 state "The new, scrollable tab row is not available in Internet Explorer 8 and lower or in older versions of other browsers. In older browsers, the original tab row will be used."

I've recently installed 11.2 SR6 and did some testing in IE 8 and it appears that the scrollable tabrow IS now available in IE 8.  I've tested on two separate servers and from three different machines with IE 8 and in all of them I got the scrollable tabrow rather than a stacked set of tabs.

Can anyone confirm if this feature is now supported in SR6, and if there have been any other enhancements for performance in IE 8, which has up to now been known for poor performance with QlikView 11 and up.  This would be a big motivation for a customer of mine who has been delaying upgrading to QlikView 11 because of being tied into IE 8 for other apps.


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Re: Scrollable tabrow in Internet Explorer 8

Hi Colin,

Please report this to Qlik Support and the documentation can be updated. Generally there have been improvements prioritized for newer browsers, it might be that those solutions have improved the functionality of IE8 too.



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