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Searching Api on Server with Section Access and Reduce

I'm using the functions SearchFor and MultipleFieldsSearch. Thi function returns the "internal elements number" of the values in the field and i get the real values using a listbox sorted using load order (there isn't a api to get a value by its index). The functions works ok, but when i use it with a document with section access and reduction, on server, the methods returns wrong value. It seems that the value returned are the index of the complete document and not the reduced.

Has someone a similar issue?



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Searching Api on Server with Section Access and Reduce

Hi Stefano,

Maybe an obvious question but is the section access reducing correctly the rest of the data? How did you link the section access reduction field to the one in the data model? Are you using the same name, uppercase in both section access and normal script? Did you check the "Initial data reduction based on section access" in the Settings menu, Document Properties, Opening tab?

If the reduction were working fine records should be actually removed from memory, so the user should not be able to see them.

Hope that helps.


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