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Send to Excel Failing

A user is getting the following error message when trying to send a chart to MS Excel...

"Out of Virtual And/Or Logical Memory, allocating 64mb"

This is only happening for this particular user on this laptop.  When other users log on the same laptop and try to send the same chart to excel with the same selections... no problem.  Other users on different PC's using the same selections can send the chart to excel without issue.

Is there a log on the user's laptop that captures the issue and identifies the root cause?

The user has installed numerous software packages on laptop, so I'm hesitant to re-image the PC.   Although they may be the cause, but then why are other user's on the laptop not experiencing the same issue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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Re: Send to Excel Failing

Rename users old windows profile and create a new one

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