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Sending to Excel and keeping the format

I can send a pivot table to excel but it does not keep the formating (ie totals bold, number that are red or green etc). I can send the table to excel using the SendToExcel API and the formating is what I want, but it opens excel and the file goes to a temp directory with a name that has a time stamp.

How can I capture this name or send it to excel with the SendToExcel API and name the file myself?



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Sending to Excel and keeping the format

Never mind. Found how to do what I need using ExportBiff API.


Sending to Excel and keeping the format

Hi Stephen,

There is also a product out there called NPrinting, which would appear to do what you require:


Good luck,

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Sending to Excel and keeping the format

Here I think it's appropriate to revive this thread here... my issue is an extension to this.

Basically when exporting "Time" values which are displayed in the "HH:mm" format in my pivot table, but when sent to Excel, there are displayed as "HH:mm:ss" (which creates unwanted report pollution).

I've tried APIs SendToExcel and ExportBiff, with no avail.

Also I tried any combination of the User Preferences Export settings, and it doesn't seem to work.

My local regional settings for short time is "HH:mm" (and I even tried with long time setting), and it seems excel default to "HH:mm" when creating a New File from excel, so it looks like Qlikview is doing this

Any ideas on this people? Appreciated.

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Sending to Excel and keeping the format

We have the following similar problem at one of our customers. Customer is using QV Server 9. When he downloads a table to Excel (by pressing the Excel button in the caption of an object), the Excel file is opened. What happens is that some numbers change colors (red instead of green and turn) with no reasonable explanation (already examined the matter of rounding up / down and it's not the reason).

Has anyone experienced the same? How can we solve this?

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