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Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit


We have installed Qliqview Version 9 on our Server 64 bit. On this server, there is only an ODBC 32 bit. OS is MS 2003. I understood that we have to install an ODBC 64 bit.

Which kind of ODBC 64 bit should we install for the QlikView application? MySql ODBC 64, 64-bit MSDASQL for Windows 2003, ...?

Thank you


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SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit


If it is a ODBC for MySql you´re looking for, you probably need a MySQL Connector/ODBC.

You find it on http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/5.1.html. Try the 64-bit.

Good Luck!


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Re. :SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit

I thank you for your answer Lasse.

the question is what kind of ODBC should we install? We don't use un Databank on our server, we have only .dbf files, .xls files, .txt files.


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Re. :SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit


In QlikView Server 9 you can choose to run the distribution service with an x86 or x64 engine.
If you have problems finding the right ODBC driver you can always modify your QlikView Server installation from "Add/Remove" program and change the engine (expand DistributionService). You will find this information in the QVS9 manual as well.
Just bear in mind that it has t be one or the other, not both.



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Re. :SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit

Hi Gustav,

I tried this. I installed QVS 64 bit SR2 and chose to run the 32 bit for the Distribution Service. However i still can't get my qvw to reload. If i reload the qvw using QV 32 bit application instead of the QVS, it reloads just fine. But reloaded through the QVS, it just fails. The log (turned on logging in the qvw) doesn't say anything useful.

Were you able to use this successfully?


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Re. :SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit

I'm also having this problem.

I can't reload/refresh any .qvw from QVS, 64bit. This also means that my scheduled reloads are not running. It only updates from QV desktop.

My client also uses .DBF and xls files to update there .qvw's with.

What driver should I install on the server? Or what else should I be doing in order to fix this?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re. :Re: Re. :SV:Server 64 bit with ODBC 32 bit

Hi Xena,

We change the version from 64 to 32, because on our server we have a Microsoft 32 bit Server installed. The fact is when you have a MS 32 bit, you should have a QV 32 bit installed. If you have a MS 64 bit, then install the QV 64 bit. The performance shouldn't change.


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