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Server Costing Estimate

Hi All

I was hoping that someone in the know might be able to give me a roughly accurate costing for a server specification for Qlikview.

I've asked my IT dept to quote me for the following spec:

Blade Server

Quad Core Xeon type processor


500 GB HDD

And they've come up with a number so high I can hardly credit it - please can someone give me an estimate of what this should cost?



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Re: Server Costing Estimate

You want to know whether this system is expensive, or whether this is the right machine for a particular situation?

You can always ask a few hardware vendors directly.


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Re: Server Costing Estimate

Hi Dominic,

Its best to contact your Account Manager and they can arrange for a PreSales Enterprise Architect to perform a hardware sizing based upon your requirements. You'll need to include information regarding how you use QlikView today including any known plans for the future. We'll need to have a discussion with you regarding your needs in terms of environments, internal/external needs  and or high availability/DR needs.

As an output of the exercise you'll receive a hardware sizing for Web-server, QlikView Server and Publisher (where applicable) we'll provide minimum specification you'll need (you can increase the specification of course).  I would recommend you take the specification we provide and price the hardware yourself as we can only offer you hardware list price without any discount you can obtain. Qlik does not provide hardware.

I hope this helps?

Thanks Steve

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