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Server Issue

Hi Friends,

My server configuration is as per below:

Hard disk-

              C Drive : -75 GB Free space 9.56 GB

              E Drive : -100 GB Free space 36 GB

Memory RAM-64GB

Processor- 2.20 GHZ 8 processors

64 bit OS

QlikView Version-11.0 SR2

When i browse the files on C or E drive or when i open the application , server takes too many time to open the file or folder. Can you please suggest me the solution for the same so that response time of the server will be improved.

Thanks in Advance


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Re: Server Issue

Hello Sagar,

under document prpoerties, think about the compression mode

high compression will reduce the file size, but depending on the datas it takes time while saving and opening the file


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Re: Server Issue


This is not the problem regarding QV. Even If i open the general files and folder then server respond very slow.

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Re: Server Issue

A problem for low server performance my be a bad data model.

If there are many snc tables in your data model the file size don't need to be high but it can be regocnized for long calulation and responding time

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Re: Server Issue

so ur accessing ur files through VM/RDP or direct access?

if ur accessing VM/RDP ,have to improve network connectivity.

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Re: Server Issue

maybe from the models and wrong join or sync table , and before that check the connection with your data source .

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Re: Server Issue

what is the qlikview size see wither you have done proper modeling

i mean CTRL+T

try to optimize model using optimization best practices

move complex express to script

try to build star schema .so that easy to navigate on selection.

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Re: Server Issue


What kind of CPU model ?

VM or Physical?

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