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Server configuration without license

I need to configure a QV Server for a customer demo, but I cannot use the Production license (an they do not have any test license).

So I need to left it blank.

The step that i didn't manage to configure are:

1) The Documents path - to create task and load dashboard in Access Point

2) Load users from Active directory

Could someone confirm that these steps are not available without any license?

I can only show Enterprise Manager Console with services up and running and nothing more?


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Re: Server configuration without license

If you do not enter a license for the QVS (QlikView Server service) you won't be able to configure it as the service will still run but remain in "unlicensed" mode. IIRC the AccessPoint should show a message like "No Server" because the QVS is the one that sends thumbnails of available documents to the Web Server and the AccessPoint page.

And if you can't show any documents, it's no use to configure users.

Is there a problem with showing a particular document on the Production machine? In a separate area? Or - if it's only for demo purposes - in a licensed QV Desktop? With the latter, you'll be able to move your document off premises...

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Re: Server configuration without license

Thank you Peter,

The problem is that my customer like to see a configured test server as a sort of UAT in order to let us install the Production one.

But, as for your reply, it seems that the complete functionality cannot be shown.

Not even retrieve the list of users from active directory? 

Re: Server configuration without license

Two further options:

  • Plan a reference visit to another customer or to your office (if you have a QlikView Server at the office), or
  • contact your Qlik Account manager, discuss the opportunity and ask for an SIB Temporary license. If this is a decent Sales opportunity, it won't cost you anything and you'll be able to use and demonstrate all QV Server features for a period of time.