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Server failed to set license


when i apply server license (11.2 SR5) this message appear

Server failed to set license: QVS@localhost: Failed to connect to server

  • the server has no firewall
  • the server is connected to the Internet
  • I also tried to paste LEF into lef info.
  • obviously I typed key and control number.

Below is the system info

=======================   Local System Info   ========================

Operating System                   Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1 (64 bit edition)

Operating System Version       6.1.7601

Wow64 mode                         Not using Wow64

IE Version                              8.0.7601.17514


Any suggestion?


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Re: Server failed to set license

Call QlikTech Support, it could be a license problem.  Should be easy for them to fix.

Honored Contributor

Re: Server failed to set license

Hi Davide,

Here is possible issue:

1. Check QlikView services and make sure all start with domain account (service Log On with domain/username).

2. Make sure you try to apply license on different LAN. Ex. You have apply license in Server1 in LAN1, then you try to install another Server2 in same LAN1. Here second server will fail to apply license.

3. LEF contents maybe generate wrongly. You may generate new LEF via http://lef1.qliktech.com/manuallef/

4. Last one is contact your partner manager or support@qlik.com



Valued Contributor II

Re: Server failed to set license

Goto Services.msc

right Click on each qlikview services ------> Properties ----- Logon

uncheck local system account and check this account

type username and password which you have currently logged in click apply and restart the service.

do the same for all the 5 services

Pls Note : The account should be a member of Administrators and Qlikview Administrators Group to check list of Administrators group

Run------>compmgmt.msc----> local Users and Groups-----> Groups

Hope it helps



Re: Server failed to set license


What is the date in you LEF after PRODUCTLEVEL?



Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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