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Server hostname and apache

Okay so I have a clustered (2) QlikView server that is running v.9SR6.  On each of these servers I have installed Apache 2.2 which its only purpose is to connect to our websso system and retrieve the end user's email and pass the email to Qlikview's web server.

So basically the flow of a user going to my Qlikview portal is the following: User types in www.xyz.com  -> apache will take the user's xplogin and pass it against our websso to retrieve the email -> the user's email will appear in the top right hand corner of the page.  Now the problem is that when the user types in http://www.xyz.cowww.xyzhttp://www.xyz.cohttp://www.xyz.co.com the end user's address bar changes from www.xyz.com to http://server's hostname/qlikview/index.htm .  I want to keep the URL to stay www.xyz.com .

Does anyone know if QV webserver is changing the URL for the end user or apache?  And does anyone have a fix for this?

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