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Server performance way behind QV standalone

Good day,

I'm using QV Server 9 SR 6, installed on a x64 server with 32 Gb of RAM.

When I create my QV application, it's quite fast : when I change a selection, I have to wait 2 to 3 seconds to see the result.

When I browse the same application via my server, I have to wait 20 seconds to see the result after changing a selection ?

Why is there a such difference ?

Is there some parameters to set ?

(I already have checker "preload" option, but it's only efficient on the load, not on the selections)

Nota : when I'm browsing the server, I'm in localhost, so the problem can't come from a network issue.

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Server performance way behind QV standalone

Check out this post to see what you can do to improve the server performance. Also, test the server with multiple users to see how it performs. Good Luck


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Server performance way behind QV standalone

My comparison was made on the same computer Smiley Sad

Concerning virtualisation and hyper threading, I haven't access to the BIOS.

My power option is already in "high performance" mode.

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