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Server reload while reboot --> no good


My QV server has documents that are reloaded every hour, at XX:00.

The server running QV has a reboot planned at 5:00 AM.

This setup was made friday. Every reload were OK before my week-end.

Today (monday), I'm surprised to see that the last reload was done saturday at 4:00 AM, and the next reload is planned at... saturday 5:00 AM (2 days ago).

The server doesn't see that the "next reload" is in the past, so it have to use the next date (not in the past) as "next planned reload".

Is it a bug or a bad configuration from me ?

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Server reload while reboot --> no good

Hi Martin,

What I generally follow is I have created batch file for all my Qlikview Reports using the QV \r QlikviewFileName.qvw command. And I have scheduled all batch files to be run using a windows scheduler. See if this helps.


Amar Big Smile

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Server reload while reboot --> no good

This is what was done in the previous version of my server (QV server 8.2), because it was impossible to install a proper version of QV Publisher standard.

Since QV server 9 works good on my server, I wanted to use the designed method for the reload.

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