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Server services info?

Hi All,

We got QlikView Small Business Edition Server with some named user calls, at the moment there is only 4 services running as shown in below figure, but i heard somewhere that there should be 5 services running all the time. As per my understanding we haven't got publisher licence, Can anyone explain why i am missing one service missing and how publisher works or what actions i can not perform without publisher licence? 


Best Regards,


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Re: Server services info?


These are the 5 services ,

You cannot perform Distributions without publisher,

rest you can do with server

Re: Server services info?

Without a publisher licence the distribution service could only perform a quite limitated set of actions, like reload-tasks. I think these restrictions are the reason for not displaying within the qmc-status.

- Marcus

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Re: Server services info?

Hi Ganesh,

My personal QlikView Server is running good with the same instances as yours. Check it out:

QlikView Server.png



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Re: Server services info?

you can't have more than 1 reloads(job) for the same document.

you can't have multi trigger for a job

you can't associate the security to document with a job.

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Re: Server services info?

My services:

QlikView Server Services.png

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