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Session Lost on V11 when using Ajax


We recently upgraded to V11, and I have a few users who are unable to open particular QVW instances using Ajax.  They get a session lost error.  This only occurs on one particular QVW for person A, they can access other QVW's though through Ajax.  For Person B, they can access the QVW at some point during the day on Ajax, but then get a session lost error when they return to it later in the day.

I switched both of their user profiles to use IE Plugin, and they've had no issues since.  Can someone help me understand why and how this is happening?  If you need additional information, please let me know.  Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Session Lost on V11 when using Ajax


What version of Windows server are you running? This could be a bug if you are running plain 2008 server. If so please contact support.


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Re: Session Lost on V11 when using Ajax

Hi Bill!  We are on Windows Version 2008 R2 Enterprise

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