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Set QlikView variable value via the workbench

It seems like this should be a fairly simple thing to do, but I can find nothing in the Javscript reference. The scenario is this. I'm using a 3rd party Javascript calendar control, I need to pass the date value selected from this, back into my QlikView document. From there I'll handle triggers and macros to do my date filtering.

It would be nice to use the QlikView slider control in calendar mode, but a) this does not work at all for me, and b) even if it did, it is inconsistent in look and feel with the 3rd party control already in use on the rest of our website.

Can anyone offer any help?

many thanks,

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Set QlikView variable value via the workbench

We have a similar solution where we use two dropdown lists to make selections in a year-month listbox.

We use the Qww.ListBox.Mgr.MakeSelection javascript method. We pass an array of indices ("periods" below) rather than the actual values, but it might be possible to use those instead.


Qww.ListBox.Mgr.MakeSelection(null, 'Document\\LBPeriods', periods, false, true);

In order to use this method you need to create a Listbox in your qlikview document and use it's ObjectID in the javascript. You do not need to add the listbox to the page.
A list of available javascript methods can be found here:


If you only want to select one value it might be a better idea to use Qww.ListBox.Mgr.MakeSingleSelection.

Good luck!


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