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Set up an alert in Console


How do we set up an alert in Console when the task fails.

So lets say if a qvw refresh task that was supposed to run fails how can I set up for it to send me an email.


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Re: Set up an alert in Console


you go to the "System" tab, then to "Setup", then to the "QlikViewServer" node, then to the "Alerts" tab and configure it there.

Get the details of your Xchange server from your IT_guys.

Alternatively, go to "System" tab, to "Setup" and there should be a "email server" node, too.

That is for alerts ONLY in case that a reload_task fails. Any other alerts (rgd. any specific circumstances in the data) you will have to set up in the app itself after configuring email details (the same as here) in the user_settings.


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Re: Set up an alert in Console

It is easy if you have Publisher installed in your machine by following the steps mentioned below. If not, you may just have to rely on external email script that could run with a BAT file after the load completion.

Configure the Mail Settings

Enter your email address