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Share session max number of users allowed


I've notice that a Licensed user can star a shared session collaboration with other "Unlicensed users" just using the URL of the session in the navigator, but somebody knows haw much users are allowed to join a shared session??

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Re: Share session max number of users allowed

Emmanuelle, conozco a alguien que hizo pruebas hasta 25 Users y seguia trabajando y podian seguir invitando.

Seguro el limite es mayor...

Al final, el controlar a 25 usuarios haciendo selecciones puede ser un poco complejo.

Como resumen creo que admite los suficientes para el uso diseñado

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Re: Share session max number of users allowed


According with that test I think the only restriction for this is what your Server's Resources can handle while the performance is not affected. Well this is my supposition let's wait if anyone else has a more accurate answer.


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