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Sharing QVD files from server


We have organized our Qlikview architecture around a Qv server (QVS) and a separate database server (DBS). For certain security reasons, the QVS is the only platform with ODBC/OLEDB access to the DBS. This is somewhat non-negotiable.

We still need to get the relevant database content (which in this case in not the reason for the aforementioned restrictions) to the user workstations with Qlikview 11 Windows clients for document development, although the workstations are not allowed to connect to the DBS directly. I was thinking of doing the data transfer through QVD files that a helper document (reloading at suitable intervals) exports on the server. The obvious next step would be to create a shared folder where the QVD files would go and have the clients LOAD from there in the document script as needed.

But I started wondering if there is some alternative method to accomplish this file sharing that I could configure the Qlikview server running on the QVS to provide. I looked at the web server component and it rather looked like it might be able to be made to share a QVD file that I could then LOAD via web file load from the client side document, but I couldn’t get that to work. Anyone else managed to do that or something similar?

///Jouni Pohjola

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Re: Sharing QVD files from server

I think the approach to use one or several (security reason?) shared folder which will be filled with additional created qvd's or per batch-task copied qvd's (maybe the publisher could do the same) is a good one. I'm not sure if you could distribute qvd's directly per web-server but if you would load these qvd's into qvw and provides these per download you could make the data available - but this would be unnecessary complicated.

- Marcus

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Re: Sharing QVD files from server

Thanks for the tip! Providing downloadable QVWs would certainly solve the problem of moving the DB data from the server to the client machines but it would be a method quite complicated to actually utilize (easier at server end tho as I don't think I'd actually need to make the QVDs there in that case). Some of that could be mitigated with careful planning of course but it still seems rather a hassle.

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