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Sharing a QVW on the internet.

I have built a QlikView Dashboard for the ZenCart http://www.zencart.com/ which is a free e-commerce; user-friendly, open source shopping cart software.

This QlikView Dashboard analyzes the sales of the e-commerce site. It uses an Excel export of a table to generate a nice and useful QlikView Dashboard of various sales information.

Now, I'm thinking of releasing this QlikView QVW free on the internet so that people can download the free QlikView Personal Edition and use this Dashboard to have a great Business Discovery of their ZenCart e-commerce site.

Is this OK ? Is there any licensing issues with this ? Can I make myself a web page and do this ?

It would even be nice to get it listed here in the QlikMarket section... but I don't think this is the type of thing they do for my kind of Dashboard.

Many thanks


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Re: Sharing a QVW on the internet.

License restrictions are built into every QVW document, limiting its distribution to specific user groups.

QlikTech and some Friends-of-the-house have the ability to "unlicense" a QVW document so that it can be opened by anybody, even those PE users or QlikTech trainees. Many documents on the demo site (demo.qlik.com) had their requirement for a valid license removed for the same reason.

There used to be a technique to "embed" a license so that anybody can open the document, but once you save it, you loose the embedded license. Don't know if this is still applicable though.

IMHO the target audience of the QlikMarket is all QlikView users with a commercial license.

Best thing you can do is contact your QlikView partner to discuss your intent and any possible solutions.


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Re: Sharing a QVW on the internet.

Humm, that's ready too bad. I would really like to share this with the community. ZenCart online shopping system is used all over the world. I see that what I have built as an opportunity to open a new world of possible customers or at the very least get the QlikView product some advertising. I'll contact QlikView and see what can be done.

I'll keep you posted.


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Re: Sharing a QVW on the internet.

As far as I know QlikTech doesn't 'unlicense' a document, but can add an embedded license. Changing the script will remove the embedded license, changing the UI won't (says Henric).

The next best thing Eric can do is make the script available and write a short how-to that explains how to use the script to load data and walk through the creation of some listboxes and a chart or two.

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