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Show table of service requests based on time tracked

I have two tables one is a TimeTracker table and the other is a ServiceDesk requests

table. I am building a dashboard to track ServiceDesk tickets, open closed, hours spent and

so on.

What I am trying to do is show a table of ServiceDesk tickets that have hours attached in

the time tracker table. Also I want it to show tickets that are closed and open by

close date month.

Something like:

1. TimeReportedActual needs to be > 0

2. RequestNum needs to = CallRequestNum

3. CLOSED_DATE_MONTH needs to equal 'Open' or > 0

Closed_date_month has 1 through 12 for 12 months and has open in it as well.

Not sure what type of chart or object to use either, Straight table?

Any help is appreciated