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Simulate next year

Hey everyone,

one of my requirements in a GL application is to create 2 input fields for budget and adjustment. So far so good nothing complicated. Problem is that people want to insert budget for the next Year (2014) that is not in the calendar since i have dates only up to 2013. There is a way to fake A YEAR preserving the actual metrics?

Thnks in advance

Juan Pedro

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Re: Simulate next year

Use a calendar table including year 2014, it should have to work ...

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Re: Simulate next year

Reading again my question is not clear at all:

I dont use a calendar for the simple reason im not using dates. I have this two fields:

- Period_Year = (2005,2006,ecc)

- Period_Num = (1,2,3,4,...,12)

What i need is to simulate somehow the next year in the Period_Year Field. Im pretty sure is not difficult but hey is monday

Re: Simulate next year

Ok don't worry .... it's monday even for me !!!

The idea however is the same ... try with a


load * inline

[Period_Year, Period_Num

2014, 1

2014, 2


2014, 12];

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Re: Simulate next year

The idea seems good but the concatenation is giving me a script error after execution will try to fix it and let you know. Thnks

Re: Simulate next year

Try to include the table_name after concatenate as shown below.


The table_name is the one from where you are getting Period_Year and Period_Num


Kaushik Solanki